How to Supply Print Ready Artwork?

It is an important requirement that you must supply print ready artwork. If you are unsure or you don't have print ready artwork, you should select "Check Artwork and Make Print Ready" which costs a nominal $22.

How to Supply Print-ready Artwork?

All our printing prices are based on supplying print ready artwork. These are characteristics of a print ready artwork. If you are not sure you should our Customer Service Team on 1800 134 008.

  • Must be supplied as a PDF
  • Must be of correct document size
    • DL - 210mm x 99mm
    • A6 - 148mm x 105mm
    • A5 - 210mm x 99mm
    • A4 - 297mm x 210mm
  • If printing goes right to the edge of the document, you must add 2mm bleed on each side of the document ( ie extend background ). So with bleed the document size must be:
    • DL - 214mm x 103mm
    • A6 - 152mm x 109mm
    • A5 -   214mm x 152mm
    • A4 – 214mm x 303mm

By having bleed there will be no white edges will show when trimmed.

  • No important information, text or image should be inside 3mm of document edge (Safety area). This is necessary to avoid them getting trimmed off during manual guillotining process.
  • Avoid borders where possible as these will often be uneven if sheet moves say 1mm in direction.
  •  All images should be at 300dpi. Do not use web images which are normally at 72dpi and will result in low resolution or “fuzzy” outlook.
  • All fonts must be embedded before files are saved into a PDF.
  • All transparencies should be flattened.
  • Artwork must be supplied in CMYK.
  • Check that colour breakdown is in accordance with your brand colours.
  • Printer’s trim marks must be included on the 4 corners of the document to ensure correct trimming.

We do not check print-ready files. We recommend that unless your artwork is prepared as a print-ready file by a professional designer, you should select option “Check Artwork and Make Print Ready” at an additional cost of $22. We will always send a PDF proof for your approval if you choose this option.