We can Create Artwork Design for You.

We offer design services to create good looking artwork for you. A lot of people these days try and design flyers themselves. It is important to realise that to get the best impact you need the services of a professional graphic designer..


Artwork Design Price Guide


Please note this Price List is an indication of what our design charges will be based on our design terms and conditions, in particular based on the assumption that you will supply information listed below. In other words the actual design cost may end up being higher than the amount quoted below.


                                                                               Price Guide - From:

Products                    Size                             1 side                          2 sides


Business Cards          90 x 55mm                  $ 38.50                        $  66.00

DL flyer                       210 x 99mm                $ 66.00                        $  99.00

A5 flyer                        210 x 148mm              $ 83.00                        $121.00

A6 Flyer                      148 x105 mm              $ 66.00                        $  99.00

A4 Flyer                      297 x 210mm              $110.00                       $176.00

A3 Flyer                      297 x 420mm              $140.00                       $215.00


Price includes GST.




Creating Artwork Design - Graphic Design

'Creating Artwork Design- Graphic Design’ is the creation of artwork from scratch to the finished form, ready for printing.


Our objective is to keep the cost of graphic design as low as possible. We therefore need any much information as possible from you.


When ordering Artwork Design you will need to supply us with:

  • All Text – preferably in Microsoft Word.
  • All Images (for best results 300dpi at the required size). You can otain images from popular stock photo sites are including IstockphotoShutterstock, 123rf, and Getty Images. We can buy the images for you and bill you for the cost or you can buy them and supply to us.
  • All logos/complex graphics (resolution at least 300dpi).
  • An example of your existing design, or a design/theme that you like.
  • A list of colours you like/require.
  • A list of Windows fonts/font styles you like/require.
  • The purpose of the printed material.
  • A mock-up/sketch of what you require together with design/layout instructions.


During the online ordering process you will be asked to upload the items above.  Before uploading, you may need to combine the items together in a .zip file.  

What we will do:


  • We will create 2 design concepts/themes so you can choose the concept that best suits your needs.
  • We will then create a design based on the selected concept taking into account the information you have supplied.
  • We will ensure that the artwork is correctly prepared for commercial printing with the correct amount of internal and external bleed.
  • We will create a soft PDF proof for your review/approval. This will be supplied within 2 working days from selection of initial theme/concept.  
  • You will be able to make 2 revisions to your artwork at no additional charge (a single revision can have several changes). If you require more than the 2 supplied revisions, then additional charges will be incurred.
  • It is your responsibility to spell check all supplied text and all soft PDF proofs.  We will not spell check your artwork, and we cannot be held responsible for spelling mistakes in your final printing.