How to Outline Text in InDesign

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Outlining text before you send a file to your commercial printer solves all "font" issues, and outlining text in InDesign files is easy.


First, highlight the text that you want outlined (put your mouse over the text box that you want outlined, and "double click").

The screen shot below has the "" text box outlined — you can see the little white boxes at each corner and each edge of the text box.


Next, choose: "Type" > "Create Outlines" — the below image shows where the "Type" and "Create Outlines" options are found on an Apple Mac.


The text is now outlined, and this can be seen in the below screen shot, where the text box is outlined in 'dotted' form, and all the text itself is outlined with a blue pixillated line.


You then highlight the other text boxes, and create outlines in those boxes.


You can easily determine whether the text has been outlined by looking to see if the text itself has an outline.
In the below image, the "" text has a blue line around each letter. This means the text has been outlined. The other text boxes, however, do NOT have any blue lines around them, so their text has NOT been outlined.


You now 'Save' your file.
When you 'Save' the file, please give the file a new name (e.g.: "Leslie Bus Card" could become "Leslie Bus Card Outlined").
The reason for the new name is simple — you might want to alter the text at some stage inthe future, and it is easier to alter text that it is to alter 'outlined text'.